A stable and resilient governance approach is required to ensure accountability and transparency of business practices.

Governance forms a framework for our organizational and decision-making processes, as well as professional and ethical boundaries for the way we operate, both in stable and uncertain times. Valamar adheres to the most current international and national standards within sustainability governance frameworks.

Implementing relevant certifications

Corporate governance policies

Travelife sustainablility certification helps businesses improve and independently verify their environmental, economic and social impacts, GSCT recognized Standard

Sustainable Hotel by UPUHH (Association of Employers in Croatian Hospitality) is prestigious certificate that promote sustainability in the hospitality industry with the active management of social and environmental impacts

Manage Energy in a systematic manner contributing to Sustainability

EU eco label for environmental excellence

Manage environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner

Manage Health & Safety systematically, including promoting/protecting physical & mental health

Systematic preventive approach to Food Safety in production

EU certificate for beaches, marinas or sust. boating tourism operators

Please read more about it in our integrated report